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Dear Web site owners, Internet marketers, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts,

My name is Nicholas Barrett, and I've been a professional fitness trainer and nutrition advisor in Los Angeles for 17 years. I've worked with athletes, celebrities, top executives, and busy stay-at-home Moms.

What do they all have in common? Everyone, regardless of background or profession, needs the proper mindset to achieve optimal health.

My new Mindset to Fitness e-book encapsulates these 17 years of experience, helping clients from all walks of life transform their thoughts so they can transform their bodies!

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   Hot Niche: Tens of millions of people around the world are hoping to get in shape. That's a huge potential audience. More and more, people are realizing that old-school "willpower" doesn't work to get them motivated. "Mindset To Fitness" shows them a much more powerful way to approach the mind-body connection. You can help them make that connection!

   Massively Different from Every Other Fitness E-Book: People understand the need to take charge of their health and fitness, yet their lives are busier than ever. With "Mindset to Fitness", you've got a product for busy people who want a real solution to their fitness challenges. This book is for real people, with busy lives. No lists of expensive supplements to buy, no confusing jargon, and no time-consuming fitness and nutrition routines that no rational person has time for! Just a straightforward plan for people to change their thoughts and their bodies.

   Affiliate and Vendor Relationship: You want a vendor who's there to support you, not only with advertising and marketing, but with customer assistance that prevents refunds. I'm available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

   Simple Product for Customers: You don't have to deal with customer questions about complicated fitness and nutrition programs. "Mindset to Fitness" is just as the name describes; it's all about the thought process. Even fitness beginners can take advantage of this system, and it's also suitable for experienced athletes who want to jump-start their training.

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To change your body, first change your mind


Are you one of the thousands out there who want to take better control of your health and fitness -- AND you have a super busy life. So it's tough to get yourself into the right frame of mind for nutrition and exercise. I get it – like you, I'm fed up with complicated, time-consuming fitness regimes, and so-called experts on TV telling you their "opinion" of what's supposed to work. But for most of us, we need some extra guidance to consistently eat right and get our workouts in.

I've looked around for a system especially designed for busy people. And Nicholas Barrett understands where you're coming from. His "Mindset to Fitness" e-book shows you the seven mindset mistakes that derail weight loss. After being a fitness and nutrition coach for 17 years, he's seen the pitfalls in how people think about fitness, and he can help.

Nicholas has seen how tough it can be for busy people like you, who have families, jobs and many other commitments. He won't just tell you to set the alarm earlier so you can work out. He'll help you examine the deep-seated mistaken beliefs that stop you from becoming your best possible self.

"Mindset To Fitness" shows you how to unlock your potential and live the best life you can. I urge you to read Nicholas' e-book. Although the focus is on nutrition and fitness, it's not about how much you should lose – it's about how much benefit you can gain!


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Do You Make These 7 Mindset Mistakes That Derail Weight Loss?


The other day I sent you a link to a very Special page and I wanted to remind you of this terrific opportunity. Here's the page again:

You see, for nearly two decades, Nicholas Barrett has been helping busy, stressed-out people get in shape. He's seen how tough it can be to eat right and work out when work and family responsibilities demand your attention.

But as he's worked with personal training clients, Nicholas has observed seven mindset mistakes that derail fitness programs.

And he's developed some incredible ways to change your mindset, so you can actually become the most fit person you're capable of being – and not get sidetracked with the common mistakes.

Nicholas wants to help you take charge of your health and fitness. He doesn't just suggest you make time to work out – that doesn't help you. Instead, he helps you examine where the self-defeating mindset come from, and gives you proven strategies for overcoming these damaging thoughts. So go ahead, take charge of your own fitness, and your own life, and get the "Mindset to Fitness."

Here's the way to make this success possible, without either dumbed-down platitudes, or complex programs that no mortal can even understand:

It will change your life, and there's no time to waste. This is like nothing you've seen before – Nicholas Barrett and his "Mindset to Fitness" is all about bringing the best possible life to busy people like you.

To your success,

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