Parkour Training

Parkour Training

Parkour, training was started by David Belle, a gymnast that saw a vision for developing a training modal that can be used in the great outdoors, without the use of expensive, often less functional gym equipment. The skill (a traceur) involves the skill of moving and negotiating objects in a loose freestyle format .It can be park benches, stairs, walls or any object you need to pass while moving around town, from one place to another. It can take the form of running, jumping or hurdling using the objects you pass as a medium for exercise.

Parkour as a modal uses multi-planar ranges of motion, acceleration, deceleration, stimulating core and functionality. It helps the body to be subconsciously adaptive and more athletic and nimble in everyday movement.
Parkour is regarded as being more a self-discipline than a sports activity, combining the intrinsic and extrinsic, meshing the focus and synergy of mind-body connection to overcome physical challenges through conditioning of the body and mind.

Parkour Training

The practice of Parkour can be challenging as there are not many public areas that are suitable to be set up with enough obstacles to make a circuit possible. Large urban areas are best as they offer lots of suitable obstacles,such as an array of benches, swings, walls, stairs and various other objects that can be used to beef up your Parkour skills.

The Parkour training method is so effective because it calls upon stability, jumping, landing, decelerating , accelerating, moving in multi- planar ranges of motion, jumping and swinging over obstacles that we randomly encounter. It is best as it is with most new exercise modals to start of gradually, and negotiating hurdles that are not overly demanding, as to attempt to jump over a bench on your first time out could risk injury.Build up to that over time as your body becomes more conditioned and accustomed to the myriad of movements.

Functional Power — How can Parkour benefit you?

Parkour training stimulates and encourages the development of the core, and hence uses more of your 206 muscles giving an intense, explosive workout modal to get through a circuit. It gets you in top shape as it employs a combination of power, endurance, speed and develops instinctive movement.

Parkour training is challenging, stimulates the core, and gets you super fit without the need of expensive gym memberships, and the need to rely on equipment.

That’s it. If you wish to be the best you can be at Parkour, the day to start training yourself is today, as we build our tomorrow’s today, and if we wait to start, tomorrow will just be another version of today. Get and instructor with experience and enjoy!

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