Do You Want Sharp Abs For Summer? Cut Out Dairy Now!

SIx Pack Abs

With Summer Fast Approaching! Now Is The Time To Sharpen That Mid-Section. The Truth About Dairy And Your 6 Pack?

I get many emails, and questions from potential clients/people who say they eat a ‘healthy diet’. When I ask them how they eat on a typical day, many times it is not healthy at all.

They are misled by the media and advertising, and are not being fed the best information with regard to the optimum diet for maximum health.

We have all heard the slogans “milk is the perfect food,” “milk does a body good,” “milk builds strong bones,” “milk will help weight loss,” etc.

These slogans such as “Got Milk” are designed by the industry to get you to buy the product.

You may remember the slogan that Camel Cigarettes used “more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette,” and “Camels are good for digestion.” As you can gather all these slogans are made with getting your money in mind — not making you healthy.

Milk and Dairy Truths

Besides humans, no other species drinks milk beyond infancy, or drinks the milk of another species.

Cow’s milk is intended for the nutritional needs of calves, who actually have four-part stomachs.

Milk/cheese is high in cholesterol, fat and sodium. Most dairy products including ice cream, cheese, yogurt, casein, are a very likely cause for our increased rate of obesity, currently at 65%, and many other health problems.

Cow’s milk has been connected to food allergies, bloating, digestive disorders, high cholesterol,mucous, fatigue etc.

The most interesting question is where do the Cows get calcium from? From plants. So a good idea would be to include a big green salad, kale, spinach, etc in at least two of your daily meals, if you are concerned about getting your calcium.

If you want to lose fat, feel better and be healthy cut out ALL dairy products!

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