What Makes People More Successful?

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People who are successful, are successful for a reason, there is no magic, but a certain mindset together with action steps that makes a formula for moving forward and getting better every day in the things that they do. Some of these things are strategies, and can be incorporated into your daily life if they indeed are not already…

1)Work On The Principle Of S.M.A.R.T. goals- S.M.A.R.T. goals are Specific- This is a very good platform to run one’s life , as being specific will bring clarity to your goals- What do you want to accomplish?- What do you need to do to achieve them? What are the benefits of accomplishing that goal?

Measurable- will invite an attitude of acknowledging what you have done so far, which will lead to more productivity and hence drive you to do more- Measuring a goal is a great way to ensure that you are staying on course, and also rewards and encourages you to push forward.

Attainable- set goals that are attainable within a realistic time frame, as if you set too large a goal and do not reach it, this may distort your actual results, and dampen your enthusiasm. It is better to set a smaller goal and achieve it ,then use it as a building block to more. How can the goal be reached?-

Relevant- set goals that resonate in moving you forward in your sole journey, as doing too many different things can act to dilute your intention for your life. This is something a great many folk get caught up in, ” the i will do it tomorrow” , and as the years fly by the tomorrows all become another version of today!!! There are always going to be “51 different things to do and with a balance in your life the things you need to do will become the 52nd.

Timely- Set ‘deadlines’, as a goal without one is just a pipe dream. It is good to write them down on a board in your office, as short, medium and long term goals, as this will add purpose to your days. “What purpose is there to a life with no purpose?”
What can you do today? Next week? Next month? 6 Months? A year? etc.

2) Take decisive action- Knowledge is only valuable if put into action, as if it is not acted upon nothing will happen. Go with what you feel is right and make timely decisions, as if you wait it will not get easier, only more complex.

3) Change busy into productive- In this modern day of stress, cellphones , electronic devices and the self imposed burdens of life that come from the separation to the Universe, we are ALL very busy. It is better to focus on making more impact with less, as being very busy and achieving less is something we can all easily fall into. This is the new era cul de sac of life, as we can be busy all of the time, but alas not get that much done. Work smarter, not harder.

4) Make common sense, informed descisions-Think things through before making life-changing decisions. It is always best to right down your options, and work through the different scenarios in your mind. Each decision has equal impact, so be sure that they’re the impacts that you desire before making any big, or potentially life changing decision.

5) Avoid trying to make things perfect- The only way to get things done is to be imperfect 99% of the time. There is no perfect time to do something, as if we wait for things to be perfect we will never get anything done. Do what needs to be done today, as today will create your tomorrow, and tomorrow will become the way that you live your life.

6) Do things that are out of the “box” , comfort zone- The only way we improve is by at first stretching our abilities to do more than we are comfortable doing. The things that are easy today, are that way because you first starting by doing them, and then got better at doing them, and hence, are comfortable today. A great many of us get to the comfortable stage, stay there without moving forward and trying more things. Remember if you stay comfortable you will stay exactly where you are today, and be there in 10 years time! Take the risks as they are worth taking.

7) Keep things simple- Rather than evaluating every last detail of every possible scenario, choose something you think will work and go for it!

8) Small changes are big - Don’t think that there is no point making changes as they are only small, as soon you’ll find yourself on a “snowball” of changes – one building on the other. It is with small changes that you can change a life. The difference between hitting a bullseye or not is only 100th s of a millimeter, but makes ALL the difference between hitting and not hitting. Life can be paralleled to a marathon, as a short sprint will not make it, but a consistent slow walk will cross the finish line and gather the medal.

9) Take stock of your progress - Take stock of your progress and turn what you’ve done into more- Acknowledge your achievements on a regular basis as this will help you to be aware of your progress to date and what worked.

10) Enforce a positive outlook as you learn from your mistakes- When you make 100 mistakes you are being positioned for the 101st moment of glory. Never affirm that you have made a mistake, instead change the way you look at them, and enforce your mind to think of it as an experience, and part of growing and getting better. Look at the glass being half full, as opposed to half empty, that way you will remain empowered and aware of your blessings. If we dwell in an attitude of scarcity, we get just that, and if we dwell in abundance we get that!


It is important that we surround ourselves with people that are of like mind, as we become the people we associate with. Read and fill you mind with thoughts that re-enforce what you want from your life, as these thoughts create the actions, and the actions become where you will be . Strive for balance in all you do, as a balanced approach to life is a happy and content you! Enjoy the journey everyday!

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