A pledge of dedication to his craft, by celebrity Personal Trainer In Los Angeles Nicholas Barrett

Nicholas Barrett

“If you truly want to have what you have not had before, you must do what you have not done before”.

“Everyday strive to be the new best version of yourself”

There are no other statements that sum up my philosophy to life more than the two above. I constantly strive to give all my clients, be they Hollywood actors, NBA players, or business people wanting to get the most out of their life’s, the best service possible in the area of clinical nutrition/ supplementation and core/functional strength training modals.

The arena of personal fitness/performance is very subjective, as there is a balance that needs to be achieved to harmonize each individuals body, taking into account their starting condition, exercise limitations and personal needs.

There are many Personal Trainers out there, and finding one who is dedicated to their craft can be a challenge, as only a handful are elite, having the extensive knowledge in clinical nutrition/ supplementation, and the various exercise modals to give clients the results that they can use to benefit their performance in everyday life, be it work , rest or play..

It is for this reason that this website is set up differently from any other personal training site that you will find. I can show you a picture of my championship physique (a lot of Personal Trainer) websites do, but my thought is always to let my knowledge gained from my passion in the business for over 18 years and my results do the “talking”.

When i restructured this website at the beginning of 2011, my goal unlike most of the other fitness websites on Page #1 Google was not to sell you on the results of my athletic achievements, but instead realizing that most of the 4000 people that click onto it every month, will never use my services, or for that matter talk or train with me, so instead have a goal of helping every person that comes to the site, offering them a groundbreaking internet experience, that with it’s depth of knowledge and information can transform lives, by showing you how to achieve the results you want and more, in the shortest period of time possible.

This is a bold ethos i know, but if you browse through this site and checkout the A-Z of fitness articles and information, you will see for yourself how you can improve in most any area of your fitness lifestyle. If you click on “Testimonials”, you will find clients from all walks of life, movie actors, athletes and career people who’s professions depend on their high energy levels for peak decision making and performance.

The most fundamental question to ask yourself is… Your Body is Your Temple So Who Would You Trust With It?

If I were asked this question I know what my answer would be – I would trust the personal trainer who shows me the most expertise, care, dedication to getting better and makes me feel the most at ease. Take your time and study the life changing testimonials of real people who have made a groundbreaking change, by doing what they had not done before, and therefore getting results that they had not thought previously possible. If you want more information email me , or set up an appointment to visit me.

Dedicated to you and your quality of life.

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