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I hope that you are all doing outstanding and that your New Year is going great! I have been working on my new book ” Get Out Of Mind Jail- End Presumptive Thinking”. Wether it’s in my capacity of being a Los Angeles Personal Trainer, motivational writer/speaker, my goal is to be the best version of myself with each passing day. To those of you that are staying with your 2012 resolutions , congratulations, and those not email me today and i will help you!

With doing things better in mind, i think that you may all find this topic of interest… food labels, and the area where we can improve in our method of food selection.

Food Labels Exposed: Reasons Why It Would Be Good To be Food Label Savvy

Most people just eat whatever they want, without a clue about what they are actually about to put into their body to power it up, let alone the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, sodium and fats that the food they’re about to eat contains. When it comes to putting gas in their cars, however, they always check the fuel octane rating before putting in the pump. In order to function to your fullest potential, very much like your vehicle, you need to study the food labels of the products you buy to make certain that you are operating on full octane. Like at the gas station you will only know what you are putting in if you read the labels.

The standards on foods overseen by the US government requires labels to be 90% accurate, giving food companies plus or minus 10% for manufacturing fluctuations, and private recipes.

This gives the consumer a good idea of what they are about to put in their stomach’s.

The food label gives you the most important items in the “ingredients” list, starting with the items in descending order, the item that is present the most at the top, and the least at the bottom of the label.

The listed ingredients gives the potential customer the most candid opportunity to select what they want to nourish their bodies. A product may state “no trans fat”, but the label may list “partially hydrogenated oil”. This means that the product actually contains trans fats. The government guidelines state that 0.5 grams or less per serving to be considered trace. The catch 22 is that if you eat multiple servings, what was trace is now present in your diet!!

As with most things in life the list of ingredients is an interpretation of the label. A label may state there are 20 grams of carbohydrate, however, if you read the ingredients, you may discover that the carbohydrate is from corn syrup or added sugar, and not a healthful source. The list of ingredients is meant to make the label plain.

You will also want to keep a keen eye on the serving size as the company will sometimes try to be creative in listing mini-serving portions. When you start reading labels more, and in particular the ingredient list, you will begin to have a much better understanding of the food item you are considering. The key criteria to determine if a product or food source is one to buy, is wether it is healthful or unhealthful for your goal of fitness?


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