Empower 2012 to Be Beyond Horizons


Happy New Year To You Friends!

I view 2012 as being a landmark year, as December 21st 2012 is promoted by the Dark forces in this world as being the end… while the Light views it as the beginning of a New World Age! This époque only occurs about once every (5) cycles of 5,125 years or 25,110 years. see my article- (“Is 2012 Armageddon?”) on my website. This time obviously is extraordinary and as such gives us all unique opportunities for change.

I spend time with many very accomplished people during my course of work, professional athletes, heads of companies and other outstanding folk. It would appear to most people that they have it all, “The American Dream”.

I get approached for advice on a daily basis, and can honestly say that some tell me that there is something missing in their lives. Life can be good, but there can be an underlying feeling that one can do a lot more with ones time.

I am very active in the spiritual realm and know from experience that if what we accomplish is not connected to God’s purpose for our lives, we shall regardless of wealth, prestige or society’s labeling, remain with a constant void that will require feeding over and over again in a perpetual search for true meaning. The next best car, larger mansion, vacation will give a transient feeling of contentment that will need refilling over and over again.

We ALL must discover our purpose in life. If you are not fulfilling your true purpose, you will never experience complete happiness or harmony. Balance is the precursor to true satisfaction, and without it there cannot exist true happiness!

Don’t get too comfortable with what you have been used to doing, as this is easy but can often stop us from moving forward to even greater things. In order to have what you have not had before, you must do what you have not done before. Striving to achieve a new goal, be it a promotion, new responsibilities, a new venture, all require taking risks and pushing your inner most limits. When we get comfortable we get complacent, and do not often take advantage of the abundance available to us, and create a box that keeps us stuck existing and doing what we have learned to do within the self imposed limits that living with this mindset has created… always a false limit akin to having a 200 mph road car with a 70mph cruise control on it. In order to move forward we need to take risks, and with faith all will be for our furtherance and good. Faith is believing in the good of things yet unseen. With faith we can eradicate fear of failure, or in some cases fear of success and the responsibilities it brings. Being unstoppable in pursuit of your goals, together with consistency will bring rich personal satisfaction and reward. Life is 90% sawing and 10% reaping. Connecting to your true purpose will first make others around you greater, and then yourself way greater at the same time.

Journal: The process of writing creates a deeper purpose to our otherwise ‘daily routine’, by establishing greater clarity of purpose and direction. If we think of a ship’s captain about to set for a long voyage, he would have his route and direction clearly written down to successfully reach his destination. We can all benefit from having that clarity in our lives, and instead of the everyday routine find ourselves on new journeys and doing things that we thought were not possible for us. Clarity precedes genius and mastery, as they can only be attained by doing.

Choose with care: Our lives are shaped by the choices that we make, and create our core values as a person and shape our actions. Think through the choices that you need to make, as they will define you as a person and how you live. Read things that motivate you and reenforce positive thoughts and actions. The things we read and the thoughts we have will become the world that we dwell in. The world is only what your thoughts make it! Look at people you admire and study what they do, and you will find yourself like a moth that turns into a butterfly.

Each Day Is A New Beginning: We are given each new day as a gift , we choose how to use it. Whatever you do may as well be good as you are going to spend a day of your life doing it. What am i going to do today? It’s up to you as each new day begins, as not only will your choice determine where you start, but also where you finish the day. Start at a place that will take you to where you want it to go.

Ask yourself what it is that you want to accomplish today? Choosing to set goals, regardless of how small, motivates us to stay active and productive no matter what our situation, or circumstance.

What we put into each day is what comes back! Make each day count, be a blessing to others and see your world expand beyond your horizon!

Be an inspiration to others and make all you do count! You can only create the world you want by being the change within it through yourself.

God bless,

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