December Newsletter: Christmas 411

Christmas 411

Hi friends,

The yule time season has come, this special time of year to renew the heart and spirit with a delight that resides within, as opposed to things outside of ourselves. Not all of us have time for a personal trainer in Los Angeles, and that’s understandable. Regardless though, it’s the time of un-rushed meals and gatherings with those near and dear, sending Christmas cards with cheer and appreciation for all that they are… Awesome I love it!

It is important to acknowledge that you will have extra demands of the season, but make a special effort to be in the journey and enjoying the moment, as opposed to what appears to be the norm with most folk, that is so stressed that they are blind to the tapestry of each unique, beautiful unfolding moment. Why waste what could otherwise be an experience that can be logged for eternity. Let’s make Christmas 2011 a holiday to remember with gratitude for all the blessings we have, as opposed to all the things we feel that we don’t have. After all a moment spent in stress, gloom or sorrow, is a moment robbed from this moment, so a moment mulling over things that you cannot control.

Things to help you to maximize your yule cheer:

Eating healthy has hidden benefits:

The holiday fare is delicious with all the dressings and abundant array of desserts, which can all be enjoyed in moderation but not as a central theme as is done by most of us! The thing many overlook is that most of the carbohydrates in desserts, and pastries are high glycemic, which means that they metabolize into blood sugar very quickly with the used energy from them being stored as body-fat. The area that may surprise you most is that when they raise your blood sugar (insulin), they increase Cortisol (stress hormone), thereby increasing stress and making you lethargic. Plan to enjoy but at the same time commit to yourself to stay within moderation.

Every Little Bit Counts:

As the saying goes it is easier to keep the fire on low and then restart it, than to let it completely go out. This idea can be applied to your exercise routine, it is better to do what you can within the time limits of this time of year, than to get totally out of the good habit and into a new one of not doing anything at all. Exercise has the added benefit of boosting your immune system that can be challenged at this time of year, and relieve stress at the same time… a 2 4 1 special! Plan to do a little regularly, even if it’s only 20 minutes 3 or 4 times per week.

Christmas Does’t Mean Break The Bank:

Nobody puts pressure on us to spend we do it to ourselves. It is not the value of a gift that counts, it’s the heart from where it comes. Be creative, be sensible and avoid the stress of credit cards and see how happy you will be.

Be Aware Of Things/Situations That Trigger Stress:

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts you can transform your life to be predominantly positive, flowing and stress free. Stressed out people have predominately negative thoughts towards the things and situations that they encounter, so by turning the focus to things that you enjoy you relearn another habit by replacing it with positive thoughts. Your life is what you think it is… it’s your choice. Make a concerted effort to eliminate stress this holiday season,as it will lead to a smooth, more enjoyable journey. We cannot change the journey intended, but can the way that we see the things in it.

Have a blessed Christmas season! Will look forward to connecting with you in 2012!

God bless,

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