Hyaluronic Acid – October Newsletter


The Fall season is well and truly here folks! Like any other change it brings many different blessings with it. Many don’t give thought to hiring a personal trainer in Marina Del Rey like myself, but there is always time for change. The green of summer’s flora and fauna turns to a myriad of color, golds, oranges and various warm tones of brown, the kids are back to school, the beaches are once again peaceful and serene, and the mornings and evenings cool and invigorating. The approaching time change and the subsequent shorter, darker days give us an opportunity to spend more time indoors, this can be with family or friends, watching NFL, or just reading and relaxing beside the warm amber fireplace. Nice!!! Embrace the glory of the change.


I’m always looking to give myself the X factor to get the most out of life, and pass the benefits of my research and findings on to you! Living each day as if it were my last, and learning from each day as if it were my first, is something i am always striving to do.

In the case of Hyaluronic acid it is a mucopolysaccharide occurring naturally and flowing through the cells throughout the entire body. To put it in simple terms, it is to the body like the mortar between the bricks of a building, in this case being a clear colored, viscous gel that synergies with synovial fluid between the joints, in varying amounts at different locations in the body. It’s purpose is to reduce friction between the cartilage and other tissues in joints to lubricate and cushion them during movement. When Hyaluronic acid levels drop the viscosity and elasticity of it are reduced, impacting the joint lubricating ability and therefore increasing the risk for injury.

Our bodies are in a constant state of repair and restoration,with new skin cells being replaced on a 30 day cycle. We can parallel our body to that of a car, in that both are made of synergistic moving parts to create a movement, we can get a clearer picture. The critical component to help and protect a car’s moving parts is motor oil, in the human body it is Hyaluronic acid. Just as we replace the motor oil in a car frequently to ensure against heat and friction that breaks down it’s effectiveness over time, causing lose of viscosity and excessive engine wear, so we need to boost Hyaluronic acid levels. As the human body ages the viscosity of our joint fluid lessons and supplementing with Hyaluronic acid will combat that by ensuring optimal joint lubrication, by it’s significant ability to retain water in the joints.

As we come to the consciousness that all things work together in perfect harmony, one thing not being greater than the other, instead they are all making one another greater. Hyaluronic acid also brings with it a whole host of other great benefits, joint health and mobility, muscle strength, sleep quality. wound healing, and helping arthritis.

Dosage ‘Injuv’ Hyaluronic acid take 70mg with breakfast and 70mg at lunch.

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