September 2011 – Knee Clicking


I hope that your Summer way exceeded your expectations, and that you enjoyed every second even though the weather in LA was not that of a typical August. As a Los Angeles personal trainer, I am routinely in a gym or similar place, and I experienced quite a bit of heat myself.

It is good to be grateful not for all things, but in all things, as with every situation or challenge we find ourselves in, be it physical, emotional or financial, there may not be light visible when we are in the midst of it, but when the dust has settled it is mostly for our good and furtherance in our path. I am getting into this but will save it for YouTube and my Spiritual Motivational Speaker genre that i will soon be adding to my functions.

Anyway back to the purpose of this newsletter. KNEES :)

Knees Clicking/Popping Good or Bad?

The knee joint is supported by a complex interworking of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Their function is to act as a support for your knees during everyday life. When we subject them to added stressors like running, we give that support network added challenges through impact, making the knees prone to injuries.

When knees pop or crack most of us think that it is a sign that something is wrong … Well it may not be anything to be alarmed about, and it mostly isn’t.

It is as a result of gas releasing out of a pocket of Synovial fluid, a naturally occurring joint lubricant that is made up of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The Synovial fluid is present in your joints, and when you make certain movements it releases pressure, which then creates a bubble that pops.

This is very typical in the knee area, because as you move your joints, which is all the time, your ligaments tighten and the joints make a cracking sound when they go back into place.

Enjoy your training and only concern yourself if you get a constant pain!

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