The Madrid Fault Line – June 2011 Newsletter

the madrid fault line

Hi friends,

‘Happy summer to you all’!

I hope that you have all been better than great! This month instead of ‘talking’ to you about fitness, as you can get an abundant supply of that on my website’s blog, I am going to talk about something which is of utmost importance… our Universe!

Have you ever stopped and wondered what is happening to our great country lately? Thousands of fish (including 1000+ sardines) in San Diego county, are washing up dead on the shores, thousands of birds are dying in collective
numbers in the Mid-West, and earthquakes are popping up in that region also!!!

Strange, don’t you think???

There could be several explanations, the power of our Creator is far greater than even our wildest dreams could ever conceive.

A theory that I have been studying could be the resurgence of the Madrid Fault line, which supersedes the San Andreas Fault in California in size six times over, covering an area that encompasses most of the Mid- West, including Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.

What substantiates the theory that the Madrid Fault might be active again, is the fact that there have been 500 measurable earthquakes recorded by the US Geological Survey since September 2010. The last signifiant time that this area around central Arkansas produced massive earthquakes was in 1811 and 1812 which opened up deep fissures in the ground, resulting in the Mississippi river running backwards.

Could the startling recent incidents have another explanation? Maybe, but let’s examine the following facts first:

On December 30th 2010 a 3.8 earthquake shook north- central Indiana, which was felt as far away as parts of Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

You may recall that 3,000 red wing Blackbirds fell out of the sky in Arkansas on this past New Year’s Eve. That in addition to large numbers of birds being found dead in Kentucky over the Christmas period, and 500+ dead Blackbirds and Starlings recently uncovered in Louisiana. 100,000 fish recently washed up on the shores of Arkansas.

All of this seems strange don’t you agree?

The fact is that all these unprecedented occurrences have been happening in and around the Madrid Fault line, causes me to start to put two and two together, like our dear friend Inspector Frank Columbo!

Scientists and people who questions things such as myself, are beginning to feel that things point more and more to the reactivation of the Madrid Fault line.

Scientific evidence shows that the Gulf of Mexico where the BP ‘ oil volcano’ occurred in 2010, is actually the source for the most potent seismic activity along the Madrid Fault line, and the parallel between the Madrid Fault line and
the Gulf of Mexico. It could be the deep wells that BP drilled triggered the explosion of oil into the Gulf of Mexico?

If a large earthquake did happen along the Madrid Fault line in the areas I have been bringing attention to in this article, lives would be changed in a second forever.


I believe this is all intertwined with The New World Age, December 21st 2012. The sudden death of a large numbers of birds and fish, air pollution by contrails, all spurred on by change in the geomagnetic pole shift (read in my
May newsletter). Big things will continue to happen as this new époque dawns, including the possibility of a reawakening of the New Madrid Fault Line.

It is best to live our lives grateful to the Creator and the Universe, and in faith that all things are for our good! There is no need to waste our time and talents on stress, as what will be will be – We are all on a Human GPS of which God is the writer, and we the editor that can effect our journey by it’s interpretation,and the pathway to it’s final resting place. Be grateful for today and enjoy the ride, in this part you are playing in this miracle that is
your life!

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