About Nicholas Barrett’s Personal Training Programs

Personal Training

Nicholas Barrett’s philosophy is known as the Synergistic System. Resistance Training to stimulate muscle, hence accelerate weight loss, by increasing your metabolic rate, and Cardiovascular Training to increase fitness and recovery time, to get more results from your personal training.

The majority of sessions also include Custom Nutritional/Supplement plans to give you optimum results, and more importantly keep the results of your personal training with Nicholas Barrett for the rest of your life.

Nicholas’s extensive knowledge and experience, and passion for helping people from all walks of life and fitness levels, coupled with his perfecting techniques, will ensure that you reach your goals in the most efficient time. With his zest for giving 110% many people attain the mindset to fitness, to reach and go beyond their goals.

There is a program that can be designed by Los Angeles personal Trainer Nicholas Barrett to suit you,whatever your needs and goals, to give you the results that you have never had before.

What’s Different about Personal Trainer Nicholas Barrett?

Nicholas Barrett’s program is not just based on results, but on giving clients the motivation and mindset to believe that they can have the abundance, to go beyond their personal training goals.

Most services offer a resistance and cardiovascular program, with fewer offering the clinical nutrition/ supplement guidance that Los Angeles Personal Trainer Nicholas Barrett’s does. More often than not, even with all of these facets offered, with the hope of giving the client a better body image and shape, the client still feels badly about themselves , and has attained a body shape that they are not 100% satisfied with, or in some cases they can see no change at all.

Nicholas Barrett’s Los Angeles personal training program will work with you from the ground up , to give you a custom program, giving you better strength, fitness and a sense of well being and confidence that you have not enjoyed before, or thought possible, whether you have used a personal training program or not.

Nicholas incorporates his techniques and extensive knowledge, to give you a MIND SET TO FITNESS , to achieve what you have never achieved before, by doing what you have never done before.

What’s different about Nicholas Barrett’s Program?

Many trainers train their clients the same way, regardless of their current level of fitness, or without taking into account the very different requirements of a male versus female physique. Many trainers are stuck in a routine, as they have been training for many years, and think what works for one will work for all.

Nicholas’s Los Angeles Personal Training program will provide you with a specific program to suit your current fitness level, gender and goals.

You will be trained how to feel the individual muscles, and correctly perform every movement with Nicholas’s constant pursuit of perfection in technique for his clients , in giving them ALL 110%. You will have the technique of MIND/ BODY connection reinforced over and over, until it becomes a subconscious part of your everyday personal training program.

Many trainers have their clients perform the same routine, and have them do it every workout with little emphasis on variety. This can in some cases go on for years.

Nicholas Barrett’s Los Angeles Personal Training will consistently work directly with you, ┬átaking into account that your body needs to be trained progressively. As your body changes, your training needs to be adapted to keep up.

As your Mindset To Fitness changes, so will your goals, and your Los Angeles Personal Training Program. Only when your MINDSET makes a change, is your body image and well being changed.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and you would like a complimentary one-on-one assessment with Personal Trainer in L.A. Nicholas Barrett, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Personal trainer Los Angeles. Los Angeles personal trainer. Personal trainer marina del rey.