Food And Body Fat

fattening foods

We all know the secret to weight loss is dieting and exercise, but in addition to exercising and following any variation of fitness regimen, food plays a crucial role in attaining the results you want.

A diet high in protein and fiber are the optimum foods to eat if your goals are to lose body fat. Protein takes the most energy to digest, even more than fat, so the more you eat , the greater the calories you body burns. Protein stabilizes blood sugar, and hence appetite which further strengthens fat loss.



Cut out dairy consumption , and you will probably lose 5lbs in 7-10 days. Think about this scenario for a moment? Cow’s milk is made for building big, bulky calves! Why would humans be any different? Moreover, Cow’s milk isn’t really meant for human consumption , or for that matter calves beyond the lactating period, and therefore humans can develop allergic reactions, such as sinus and ear infections – we are not even aware they are from milk consumption in the first place!



Eggs are a first class, complete source of protein. In order to minimize your cholesterol intake, eat egg whites and still benefit from their high protein value. Include also tempeh, turkey, and fish in your diet, all of which have a high protein value.

Oatmeal is full of fiber, and also has the benefit of lowering your cholesterol level. The high fiber content in oatmeal flushes the ‘bad’ digestive acids out of your system, and in turn reduces cholesterol In the blood. The best for your health is the plain variety , made with water, with no butter or sugar. Instead sweeten with sugar- free apple sauce.


Fat Burning Foods

Food that combats stored fat, burns more calories than the calorie content that the food itself contains. The primary foods that have the greatest fat burning properties are derived from natural plant foods. Not only will they speed up your metabolism , for you to burn more calories (fat), they speed up the rate that your body burns calories for several hours after exercise.


The best foods that BURN FAT.

1) High (rich) in Vitamin C
Grapefruit, guava, lemons, and tomatoes, to list but a few are all rich in Vitamin C and fibre, and have ‘FatFighting’ properties. Vitamin C helps your body process fat more efficiently, through it’s production of Carnitine , an amino acid which speeds up the body’s fat burning mechanism, by diluting fat and releasing it from the body.

2) Apples
Apples are rich In Pectin, which restricts cells to absorb fat and increases water assimilation from our food, and which in turn releases fat deposits. It may further help in reducing the incidence of ‘ metabolic syndrome ‘.

3) Nuts
They keep you feeling full, and increase the fat burning of our body’s furnace.

4) Spices
Chillies, cayenne pepper, both contain Capsaicin which increases the metabolic rate. They act as a thermogenic, which increases the core body temperature, so causing the body to burn more calories, for up to 1/2 hour after consumption. Cardamom, is a thermogenic herb, which like Capsaicin increases the metabolism and helps burn body- fat. Curry leaves flush out fat an toxins, reducing fat- deposits in the body.

5) Beverages
Coffee and Green Tea have been shown in studies to rev up your metabolism by up to 15% , so drink several cups per day.

6) Other
Included amongst ‘fat burning foods’ , are asparagus, cucumber,sweet potatoes, blueberries, broccoli and beet root.

In conclusion the most important principle to remember in losing body fat, is what goes in must be used by the body , as the residual is stored as body fat. Just like a car needs more gasoline the greater the journey, the human body requires more, or less food depending on your activity levels. Exercising and incorporating ‘fat burning foods’ into your diet will further enhance the weight loss process.

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