The Mediterranean Diet – Pros and Cons

The Mediterranean Diet


The Mediterranean Diet is an eating plan that focuses on heart health, in combination with the products available in that particular region.

The Mediterranean Diet adopts healthy eating , with the use of olive oils, and red wines, a ‘lifestyle’ style synonymous with the Mediterranean Coastal areas. A healthy eating plan, includes fruits , vegetables ,(only) whole grains, and the reduction of foods high in fat. It emphasizes the good cholesterol reducing fat found In olive oil. The balance of the amount of certain food groups can effect your risk of heart disease . Include fish, especially those high in Omega 3 , small amount of meat, nuts as a snack , 2/3 glasses of red wine per week.

Research shows the value of the Mediterranean diet in preventing many diseases, foremost “brain ictus” or stroke ( first cause of death In females and second in men) and the ‘myocardial infarction’ or heart attack( the main cause in men). The Mediterranean diet also has been shown to help prevent health disorders, the most important being metabolic syndrome , which cause high body fat around the abdominal area, high cholesterol , high blood pressure and insulin problems. In addition it has been shown to help in the prevention of respiratory diseases, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and preventing bone deterioration in the old.

There are some disadvantages to the Mediterranean diet. The abundance of pasta could lead to weight gain for some individuals, and the bread products for others. The diet may not be effective in losing weight, while being heart healthy.

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