Mark – Personal Training Testimonial

Mark - Personal Training in LA - Testimonial

“I started this program as a 50th birthday present to myself. When I started 22 weeks ago it was hard. I had made the commitment to myself to get into shape, but the first day on the program was tough.

From struggling through my first workout to struggling through my first days on the diet I asked myself ‘are you sure about this?’ But Nicholas was there with encouragement and assured me I could do it and it would get better. In what seemed like no time I had settled into the system, and can look back at that first day and ask “was that really me?” The graph below shows how fast and how well the regiment worked. I have been on many diets over the years, but this one has the most consistent weight loss of any I have ever used (you can see there are no plateaus).

When certain aspects of the diet got difficult (like brown rice), Nicholas was there with suggestions (adding salsa — which made such a huge difference it is something I look forward to eating!) to keep me on track. Nicholas’ instructions for dealing with times when I must travel allowed me to stay on track even when I could not prepare my own food. On the physical side, when I started at the gym I would glimpse some people and say to myself ‘that is the body I want to have’.

Now, I glimpse that body in the mirror, as I can see the transition to well defined chest, arms and legs, and six pack (something I have always wanted). I have never felt better, nor had more energy. Though the workouts are hard, I look forward to them – and miss them if traveling. As an engineer, I appreciate the science behind both the diet and the workout, and see how the two work together to achieve the ends I am seeking. This has clearly been the best birthday present I have ever had. “

- Mark Kennedy



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