Keeping the Spice in Your Personal Training Program

Spring is coming! Take to the great outdoors and be re-motivated for your cardio!!!

We all at times feel like not exercising. Where do you find the motivation to exercise?

You are not alone when you ask yourself this question. The best way forward is to get out of our heads about exercise and just take action steps.

Some ways to motivate ourselves to exercise work better than others. Through my experience as a trainer working with many clients, I have put the following list together…

1. Make it enjoyable and fun to do

Find something that you enjoy doing. Sure, you may think that cardio machines in the gym are as boring as ‘egg whites’, but you can make them much more fun by listening to your choice music, or a great book on your I-Pod.

2. Visualization

Visualize how you will look getting that 20lbs off, or on how you’ll feel when you harden your mid-section. Picture  yourself doing cardio for 30 minutes and feeling fresh and wanting to do more!

If you can only do 10 push-ups and want to do 15, visualize yourself doing them by counting to 15 one at a time. Visualization is used by many top athletes to get them past performance plateaus.

3. Sign up for a fitness event.

A 5k race can be motivating, inspirational and fun, giving you a deadline to aim for. It will give your training more purpose.

4. Think about how you will feel if you don’t train

When you exercise you experience the release of endorphins in your body which give you a natural high. How do you want to feel today? Sluggish or energized? The amount of time as individuals that we spend thinking about exercise is great. Have you ever stopped and wondered how much? Nothing will change if we think, only if we take control and do it will we see change! Cause and effect at it’s best!

Lastly just enjoy and the future will come and will be as good as we make it!