Healthy Ways to Beat the Flu Season with Olive Leaf Extract

Instead of taking the ‘flu-shot’, which actually lowers your own immune system, not to mention the fact that it fills your body with the stuff you don’t want… Sickness!!!

Move away from Sudafed and all the over the counter “Wonder chemicals,” as they just mask the symptoms… alas after 3 weeks of use one is better!!!

Beat the Flu Naturally Occurring Supplements

Research has shown that Olive Leaf Extract with high levels of Oleuropein can offer the best way to boost immune system against many types of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi.

The great thing about olive leaf (Oleuropein), is that unlike synthetic flu shots or antibiotics, it does not destroy the good bacteria, only the bad bacteria. It acts as a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, anti-viral/fungal, anti-bacterial compound.

It does this when taken orally, by dissolving the outer lining of the infectious germs, and hence then penetrates the infectious germs/cells preventing more from forming.

The effective part of Olive Leaf is a phyto-chemical compound called Oleuropein extracted from Mission and Manzanillo olive trees.  (Learn more about maintaining optimal fitness by taking the right supplements here).

A person’s immune system becomes weakened when fighting an influx of bacteria and infectious germs, making the body more susceptible to sickness.

When Olive leaf is taken orally, two natural enzymes in the body – esteraize and beta-glucosidase – convert the Oleuropein in Olive leaf to elolenic acid. Elolenic acid helps boost your immune system.

Recommended Dosage for Olive Leaf Extract Supplement

  • 2 capsules 900MG ( approx) 3* per day for 3 days when symptoms first occur.
  • 1 capsule 2x per day for maintenance.