Diets Don’t Work, Habits Do

Hi all! How are you?

It is now Fall and once again the holidays are approaching. It is a time to establish good habits, as for some people the holidays start on Halloween, and run through the 1st of the Year!!

Diets don’t work!

As you may know the things we are doing today are a learned behavior . All the things we do today, good, or not so good, are part of a habit/pattern, that started out one day at a time, until they became part of us.

Diets are a cop-out. Diets are a way to trick ourselves into thinking we are doing something good and healthy for our bodies, while promising ourselves that we can still eat too much of everything we once we’re done being healthy.

You can’t be “done” being healthy any more than you can be “done” weeding a garden. Your body needs regular tending.

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Client Case Study

One of my clients, I’ll call her “Client ‘A,’” started out believing in diets. Client ‘A’ was about 45 years old, and weighed about 50 lbs more than she wanted to. She was marketing in the film industry, and very self- conscious. She had tried a trendy low-carb diet , she had tried a protein – only diet, and had even tried the infamous ” nutritional cookie” diet, but nothing she had tried gave her lasting results, let alone the 50lbs loss she wanted.

“Whatever I do, I don’t seem to lose weight. I think I’m born to be fat,” she told me glumly at our first session. She couldn’t see it for herself, but just by continuing to try to get healthy, she was heading in the right direction.

But one of the problems client ‘A’ had before ,was that she never made permanent changes in her habits. Like many of my of my potential clients, ‘A’ wanted a short-term solution , a quick fix, that would allow her to go back to eating whatever she wanted eventually. Believe me, if there were any such solution, everyone would be lean already.

The secret to weight loss isn’t even a secret. You already know it. The ’secret’ is just that you have to learn to make healthy choices, and do it often enough, so that they replace existing not so good choices. It may sound hard to learn to make healthy choices most of the time, but your brain provides you with a handy coping mechanism; the easiest way to do something most of the time is to make it a habit!