How To Plan Your Weight Loss Journey

Hi Guys,┬áSo Summer finally came! Yeah!!! I hope you are all drinking the extra H20 mentioned in July’s newsletter!

Let’s look at our fitness or any other goals as a journey. We all want to go from point A to B with our goals and it is important to remember that there will always be these two points, ones that can be referred to as a journey. We will always be going from point A to B , so it important to break it down to one day at a time and know that success is achieved one day at a time, giving it your best on that day. The rest will follow if we keep giving it 100%.

Ultimately, enjoying the time spent between these points will give us a feeling of happiness and accomplishment, as there will never be a destination.

Enjoy everyday as if it is your last and that would be a goal achieved!

Cutting portions

When we go out to eat or even when eating at home we all tend to put our food on large plates. This automatically makes us put more food (calories) than we need on our plates.

A good way to reduce food intake (calories) is to use small plates. this will give us a feeling of eating more, but we will be eating less. The end result is that we will condition ourselves to eat less and therefore control our weight more effectively! Bon appetite.

Goal setting

There are 3 main types of goals

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term

Short term goals can be determined as weekly, for example eating better Monday thru Friday or even planning to drink more water on Monday.

Medium term goals can be monthly or bi-monthly and can help getting us into better choices and making those a habit. They can be a reunion, party or a vacation.

Long term goals can be 6- 12 months and can help us with the big picture. These are much longer goals and can shape our lifes. These can be career, moving and other key goals in our lifes.

I would recommend starting with short term goals, moving into medium term goals which will make it easier to get to the longer term goals.