Summer Time Weight Loss

With Summer fast approaching (“What Summer again?”)- We can get in the best shape ever just by adjusting our cardio and eating more!

You may say eating more?

Yes. Let me qualify that. Eat less, more often. This will speed up your metabolism and help rid your body of those stubborn pounds!One of my personal favorite mid-morning/afternoon snacks is the Tuna wrap at Rainbow Acres. Cut it in half. Eat 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 in the mid afternoon.

Another good one is a protein shake (mixed with water). This is a good way of keeping your metabolism working. To make it convenient, carry a shaker with you with a scoop of protein powder in the shaker. Just add the water when you’re ready to have your snack. Again, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. There are also ‘ready made’ options available, ‘ Muscle Milk and. Spiru-tein in a can or carton. They’re tasty and easy.

It’s simple… Keep eating to lose!!! Take Your Cardio to the Great Outdoors. Most of us find it mundane to do cardio in the gym, so, why not take advantage of the wonderful environment available right in front of us everyday? Yes, the “Great Outdoors.”

Buy a medium-low priced heart rate monitor and walk outside 30 minutes a day whenever you can find time. It’s much easier than driving to the gym, less time consuming. Plus, you get some much needed fresh air. As such, you will WANT to do it- it will not happen = RESULTS!!!

Let’s stay motivated. You are already on your way to getting to the results you want. By focusing on your improvements, we change the intention from not being happy with where we are now, to being happy and moving forward. This will set the intention to good things and greater results.

Most of all enjoy the journey as the destination never comes!