Weight Loss Is Easy With Regular Meals

With Summer fast approaching we all want to lose an extra few pounds… WE CAN!

Replace your morning oatmeal with an apple.  That will help use your stored fat for energy. Also make sure to get your protein at breakfast and throughout the day as this will speed up your metabolism and say goodbye to those extra pounds.

Keep away from the high-glycemic carbs like cereals- white rice, breads and potatoes as much as possible. These foods will increase your Cortisol levels and lower your Serotonin causing you to want to eat more of them.

Instead for lunch eat brown rice or increase your salads / vegetables. Drink at least 100 oz. of spring water per day as this metabolizes fat and keeps hunger in check.

A great low glycemic/sodium snack is the Greens + high protein bar, giving you energy and stabilizing hunger. They are available for the best price I could find at the nutrition website.

I want to thank you all for being awesome and know that you will have the leanest/fitest Summer yet!